Wikipedia is a site that is constantly growing and changing. Very surprisingly, not too many people are in charge of running the site. Because it is community based, anyone can take part in editing the pages. If one wanted to go back and see what edits had been made, one could click the ‘View History’ tab at the top of the page. With this, it’s possible to see what edits had been made, when they were done and whether or not they had been approved. Typically, most of the corrections tend to be grammatical errors that people are adjusting or they’re editing the sources that images were taken from.

What is creative commons? Creative Commons lets you share work and have choose a copyright platform that fits in line with the work that you are creating. When choosing what license our group would ideally want for our project, we went with the ‘Attribution 4.0 International’ because it allowed for sharing and commercial use of our work. Given that our website and map will be utilized by the National Parks Service, we definitely want our information to be able to be shared with the public.