After reviewing several websites, it is clear that hyperlinking information is extremely important. This allows for the audience (in this case, me) to very easily see and understand what is being discussed or referenced.

Here are some of the main takeaways I learned after exploring some sites:

Jess Reingold
– Have PDF versions of your information to make it easily downloadable/accessible
– Hyperlink to relevant programs and facilities
– Have the home page be an about page, use the menu for further navigation

Career Builder

– Search your name to see what populates/ Who shares a name with you
– Have useful content that can be used to teach people, showcase your work, or inform potential employers of your skills
– Be purposeful with your social media

Digital Tattoo
– Create tags to make content searchable
– Check out the theme and potential issues that could come with it

Danah Boyd 
– Things get buried via repetitive blogging (could be both good or bad)
– Be prepared for unexpected audiences
– Make sure your content is something you’re okay with all audiences seeing (both intentional and unintentional)
-Maintain your public identity once it’s been created; stay on top of it!

Dan Cohen 
– Have something to say, and believe in its importance
– Be mindful of extreme adjectives, hyperboles, etc.
– Blogs allow you to reach a large audience, it’s super convenient for reaching mass amounts of people
– Your words are copyrighted, so don’t worry about people stealing your ideas