This week, we went over the revised contract for our group. One of the things that our group in particular is going to have to be mindful of is naming conventions and how we choose to label the metadata on our Omeka site.
As far as naming pages within the register, we have decided on:
Blank pages:  FRSP_7700_blankpage_01 (blankpage_blank page number)
Index: FRSP_7700_index_iii (index_index page number)
Page Numbering Convention: FRSP_7700_276_08914 (FRSP_7700_Pagenumber_Runningnumber)
Unfortunately, these are a bit longer than we originally would have chosen for ourselves, but we have to take into consideration how people outside of our group and class will be using the site. With this, we have to be as explicit as possible with how things are named and labeled. 

We also need to come up with a consistent way to name our metadata on our Omeka site.