Famous Trials 

This website features transcripts, essays, maps and more related to some of the most famous trials in history. This site features lots of information that is laid out in an organized manner, making it easy for the audience to navigate. Because the trials are listed in chronological order, it makes it more straightforward to find the trials that someone is looking for.We felt that most of these trials were selected because of their importance to the average American. They’re in chronological order, and include cases from around the world but we were still skeptical as to how they chose what they chose.


We liked this site because of it’s searchable features for veterans in numerous different wars. It’s linked with ancestory.com which is somewhat limiting if you don’t have an account, but is a concept that we could definitely look into implementing for our website/map/project. They have historical content and stories that might be similar to how our end product will look once we digitize our materials.



This website is definitely something that could be applicable to our group’s project because it compiles large amounts of data and images in a neat, organized and user friendly manner without looking cluttered. Searches can be customized by name, date and place which is similar information to what we would have for the soldiers buried in the cemetery. When you click on a county or date, it populates 50+ images specific to that locality in a separate tab which was very easy to read and understand.

Hull House

Lots of content was available on this site, however, the text and background color was somewhat bland. Having the hyperlinks embedded into the site was an easy and quick way to access more information, however it might be unclear to the audience where information is located and which links to click on. There’s a lot available, you just have to be willing to devote the time to sift through it.  The timeline was a nice additional feature, but could have been more exciting in its appearance. Sometimes not all of the windows at the top of the page wouldn’t work and it was difficult to find where the images were actually located.

Hurricane Digital Memory Bank  

Upon opening this website, we all agreed that we liked the color scheme that they had selected. It encompasses a broad audience, especially since people that experienced these hurricanes first hand were able to contribute their photos and their experiences.  The way that they’ve done their map is by having multiple pages which might be something worth considering to do with ours since she is wanting us to incorporate so much information.