Great Molasses Flood. This website sucked. It was overwhelming, there was no background information. Everything that it clicked on overlapped with the previous information making it extremely difficult to read. These are all things that we specifically want to avoid in our website.

A Red Record This site was very simple in its design, the font’s were consistent throughout and it was clear when a new section began. This site included a map that is similar to ideas that we had discussed doing for our own mapping project. Each point on the map was clearly marked and there was lots of information specific to that entry. Each point was color coded by time period and included further information about death certificates, related articles summaries, etc.

History of the National Mall  The purpose of this site was extremely obvious, there was a good ratio of text to pictures. The information is very clearly located. We liked that there was an interactive component as you walked along the mall, especially since this was something that we had considered incorporating into our project.

Gilded Age Plains City  It was a perfect combination of both visual and interactive while also having good textual information. This helps for it to reach a wider audience, and the layout was visually pleasing.

Civil War on the Western Border. This website was easy to navigate, had a search bar prominently located at the top and had a header so that viewers could know where information was located. The purpose of the website was very clear and the set-up was effective.

One of the Rosenzweig winners was about the documentation of going to see motion pictures in the late 1800s/early 1900s. The purpose of this website was very clear and it wasn’t extremely flashy looking. It was super user-friendly and got lots of information out in a convenient manner. The text size is inconsistent and more visuals could have been used.